Influence of Course Teaching of Life Skills on College Freshmen’s Knowledge and Attitude to Life Skills and Improving their Psychosocial Capabilities


Marzieh Moghadam 1 , * , Narges Rostami Gooran 1 , Modaber Arasteh 1 , Narges Shamsalizadeh 1 , Azad Maroofi 1

1 Iran

How to Cite: Moghadam M , Rostami Gooran N , Arasteh M , Shamsalizadeh N, Maroofi A . Influence of Course Teaching of Life Skills on College Freshmen’s Knowledge and Attitude to Life Skills and Improving their Psychosocial Capabilities, Strides Dev Med Educ. 2009 ; 5(1):e58566.


Strides in Development of Medical Education: 5 (1); e58566
Published Online: July 25, 2008
Article Type: Research Article
Received: July 23, 2017
Accepted: April 02, 2008




Background & Objective: Students at university are always exposed to a lot of psychological
problems during their education due to experiencing new problems and different stresses. Thus,
teaching life skills was added to medical and midwifery freshmen’s curriculum for the first time in
Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, in 2006.This study was performed to evaluate the
efficacy of the aforementioned program on the student’s knowledge and attitude to life skills and
their psychosocial capabilities improvement.
Methods: In this quasi-experimental study, cases were 51 medical and midwifery freshmen and
control group included 42 medical and midwifery students who were in their second semester. Data
was collected using a questionnaire which its validity and reliability were confirmed.
Results: The mean scores of the students’ knowledge and attitude increased significantly in cases
in comparison to controls (7.19 in contrast to 4.66, P=0.0001 and 8.74 in contrast to 5.90, P=0.0001
respectively). According to two way ANOVA, field of study did not influence on the efficacy of
education regarding students’ knowledge and attitude. Mean score of psychosocial capabilities
increased significantly only in cases of midwifery group compared to their control group (24.75 in
contrast to 20.14 with p=0.0001)
Conclusion: Teaching life skills to students in a systematic and organized way, in a form of single
unit course, had a significant effect on improvement of students’ knowledge and attitude to life
skills, and psychosocial capabilities. It is obvious that education should continue for at least one
year in order to have constant results.


Knowledge Attitude Psychosocial capabilities Medical student Midwifery student

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