Holding procedure of Elementary Teaching Methodology workshops Based on the Views of the Faculty of Kerman University of Medical Sciences participating in the workshops


Esmat Nouhi 1 , * , Ashraf Adhami 2 , Ali-Akbar Haghdoost 2


1 Education Development Center (EDC), Iran

2 Iran


Strides in Development of Medical Education: 2 (1); e57611
Published Online: June 26, 2005
Article Type: Research Article
Received: July 05, 2017
Accepted: March 29, 2005




Background: Teaching Methodology workshop aimed at development of education, therefore, it must offer the best developed methods of teaching.

Objectives: To determine the quality of the teaching methodology workshops held in Kerman University of Medical Sciences based on the views of the participators.

Methods: The views of all 171 faculty members participated in six teaching methodology workshops were evaluated using the questionnaire approved by The Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The questionnaire consisted of two sections: demograophic features & statements on the views based on a 5 Likert scale (from strongly agree to strongly disagree). Its validity was 0.9 measured by the views of experts. 

 Findings: 67.3 percent of the participators were male and assistant professors 62.4%. 69.7% of the participants were strongly agreed or agreed upon the statements. The most agreement was on "proper planning of aims" (84%), then "giving introductory information in the beginning" (81%), "sequential outline " (82%), respectively. The least agreement was found on "the facilities". (40.4%), "enough time allocated to individual & group discussion" (47.2%). A significant difference was observed between the views based on different workshop sessions (P<0.05) so that the evaluation results of the 5th and 6th workshops were better than the 1­st and 2nd results.

Conclusion: the success of a workshop depends on planning & facilities to some extent. The teaching methodology workshops holding to improve teaching abilities, should have acceptable characteristics to be efficient. According to the findings, the planning of the workshops was appropriate but facilities have to be improved. Designating more time to discussion and using more appropriate educational methods is also necessary.


Evaluation practice workshop teaching methodology

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